Merit 02Increase your ability and success at work

To achieve “true success”, that makes you and the people around you happy,
awaken your potential through the Himalayan teaching, and develop yourself
to be a leader full of love.


Do you have worries
about your work?

  • Exhausted after work
  • Don’t get along with colleagues
  • Worry if your decisions are right
  • Cannot concentrate and get things done
  • Want guidance about work

The ”Key” for you to have real success

The ”Key” for you to have real success

Keep your mind tidy and organised Use your energy in a positive way

To be successful, in work, you need good concentration to be able to perform your tasks. Moreover, creativity that gives you new ideas, and a character that gains trust and help from others is also necessary.

To completely enhance such ability, you need a practical technique that keeps your mind tidy and organised, and extracts your potentiality hidden inside, rather than the input of knowledge.

Also, it is very important to altruistically share your ability, time and energy with others, and not use those things to please your own ego.

Even if you become successful through satisfying your greed, you will soon feel it was in vain, and come to depend on the fame or money. Such a life cannot be a happy one.

However, if you aim to be a leader, who makes others happy and yourself fulfilled, your life will be a truly shinning one.

Want to change

yourself to be



There are many books and seminars that introduce and teach you how to be successful at work, how to develop your capacity and ability, how to be a good leader etc.

However, learning from these books does not change you, and even if you understand them, you don’t actually achieve anything.

Beside your natural character, there are also habits that you have been nurturing in the course of your life. If you cannot change them from their roots, you cannot change who you are now.

How to change yourself from the inside and become truly successful?
“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa

Himalayan teachings by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa are the most practical method to develop your potential and evolve yourself into a leader full of love.
They awaken your inner power, and by learning the law of true success and practicing it, you can make yourself, and those around you, happy.

Special feature of Himalayan teachings

Let go of obsession, and gain a still mind

Let go of obsession, and gain a still mind

In this competitive society, people tend to be dictated to by their attachments and a mind of self-protection. They are always nervous not to fail nor make mistakes, and fight to protect their position from others.

One of the unique features of Himalayan Siddha meditation is to directly melt away both the mind of self-protection and the obsessions of your mind. , on top of that, achieve deep relaxation and improve your concentration.

By removing the obsessions of your mind, your energy will no longer be wasted. You will be more powerful. Your still mind will be nourished, enabling you to be in the best mental condition for work.

Make right decisions by intuition

Make right decisions by intuition

When you make decisions at work, as well as having knowledge and experience, it is important for you to have ‘intuition” that guides you to reach the best outcome.

By practicing Himalayan Siddha meditation, your mind becomes clear and organised. You instantly understand what you need without having to make any effort. You become creative.

Furthermore, you will be able to see things flexibly and unselfishly so as to make decisions based on love and unity for the happiness of all those involved.

You can be a true leader with compassion

You can be a true leader with compassion

The stressful modern society, requires true leadership that is highly capable while also making people happy with tender love.

It would be wonderful if you could bring a positive effect to your colleagues, superiors in the company and even to society by learning Himalayan teaching to promote a way of life where people voluntary share things with others.

Then such success is no longer egoistic. Instead it will be “true success” that brings you an everlasting feeling of fulfilment.

Himalayan teachings will change you…
Work becomes enjoyable so that you and others around you become happy

“ Work becomes enjoyable
so that you and others
around you become happy ”

Always be energetic

Your colleagues and superior become cooperative toward you

You can make decisions with confidence

Always be relaxed and focused

Everyone in the workplace becomes happy and vigorous


Experiences of Himalayan teachings

Company’s business results improved 50% in a year (50’s male, management, IT business)

I run an IT related company. It’s been a year and half since I begin this practice.

As the program advanced, my company’s profits sharply improved, and my salary increased. Surprisingly, the profits grew 50% in a year. It was too good to be true.

I am spending the money from my increased pay to further my practice, which continues to improve and nothing negative has happened so far.

Due to worry about the future of the business, I was always stressed out, and relied heavily on smoking and drinking. But it’s been 10 months since I quit smoking now.

My daily living is easy and I am grateful not to feel worry or insecurity.

Regarding my relationship with my employees, I keep practicing Yogmata’s teaching of giving love to others. It seemed I was always firing someone but now, I can deal with my employees in a peaceful way. I realize how the change in me has caused a change in others.

And so too my relationship with my wife and kids, which has been very smooth just like with my employees.

I became very efficient (30’s female, public servant)

I had found out that meditation was recognized as a method to develop one’s ability, so I decided to start this program.

Since I began Yogmata’s meditation, my obsessions or negative feelings have gradually faded. My life has become truly wonderful and fun.

I realized that the cause of my daily stress lay not outside of me, but it was inside of myself.

Thanks to Yogmata, I can now live with 4 hours sleep and one meal a day. I became an energy efficient person.

At work, I voluntarily pick up difficult projects, but do not get tired by them. I am surprised to see myself like this. My relationship with others, at work, has also been good too.

Due to the length of service, next year I will be a candidate to be transferred to another division. However, my boss told me that he has asked the company not to transfer me. I thank you for that.

I am truly grateful to Yogmata for the program.

Workplace I hated became a different world (50’s male, Tokyo)

It’s been more than 10 years since I met Yogmata for the first time.

Huge workload, unfair talk and actions by my managers, irritation for colleagues that were not cooperative toward me, exhaustion through overtime and working till late… I hated my place of work at that time. I hated my managers and colleagues. I was always thinking that I wanted to quit.

At that time, not only through meditation, but also through Darshan and many different workshops and seminars, Yogmata taught me a lot about the way to deal with work and life.

At the beginning, I could not do what I was told to do, saying “ I understand, but I hate what I hate” or simply, “ I cannot do that”. However, as I kept practicing, the energy inside has changed gradually.

Now, I am still with the same company, but I have changed to be a completely different person.

I feel love for my superiors and colleagues that I considered previously as enemies.

Colleagues have become cooperative. I no longer worry about the future. I feel protected every day.

Even when trouble occurs, I can say “everything is alright” and remain calm.

Now, whatever happens in daily life, inside of my mind remains calm and peaceful. And not only at work, I always feel secure in any relationship. I am truly grateful for that.

As Yogmata always tell us, we do not get this by changing the environment. It can only be obtained by changing from the inside. I feel so fortunate to have met Yogmata from the bottom of my heart. I deeply appreciate it.

Be a true success through practicing meditation

Many people are living fleeting and desolate lives by seeking tenderness from the outside. They believe that material wealth, fame and position make their lives rich and fulfilled. However, many of them are not satisfied deep down.

If you want success, you need to understand the power that makes us alive and be successful. You need to understand this secret really well. Most of us believe that success in business is brought about by our own ability and effort. But in reality, there is a mightier power in you that makes that happen.

Deep inside each one of us, there is a very pure source. It contains limitless power, love and wisdom. If you do not encounter it, you will be in solitude even if you are materially fulfilled.

By meeting a Himalayan saint and practicing Himalayan Siddha meditation, you can create a flow so that power and love well up from inside of you. In practicing meditation, to know the truth and deepen your awareness, you will be guided to the true way of living and true success.

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Himalayan Siddha meditation is one of the most powerful methods among all Himalayan teaching.

Practicing it every day, your inner-self will surely be purified, you will be fulfilled with positive energy. It makes your life richer.

Please start learning the Himalayan Siddha meditation by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa. Let your new life begin!

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