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About the links

Prohibited links
Links from the following sites are prohibited:

Links from sites that include content that slanders or damages the association’s reputation.

Links from sites that infringe or may infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, property, privacy, portrait rights and other rights of the association or other companies (persons) and other organizations.

Links from sites that have content that is or may be illegal.

Links from sites that are or may have been involved in or may have been involved in illegal or potentially illegal activities.

Links that make it unclear that the content is our content by other means such as using frames.

In addition to the above items, links from sites that may violate laws, regulations, rules or public order and morals, or interfere with the operation of the service of this website.

Please note that the association will not be responsible for any compensation or complaints related to these prohibited links outlined above.

About prohibited matters and disclaimers

When using this site, we have set the following prohibited items and disclaimers.

○Prohibitive Matters
When using this site, we have set the following prohibited items and disclaimers.

Acts that infringe or may infringe the property, privacy, etc. of third parties and the association.

Acts that cause or may cause disadvantage or damage to third parties or the association.

Acts that are or may be offensive to public order and morals.

Criminal acts and acts that lead to or may lead to criminal activities.

Making false declarations or notifications and acts that may cause them.

Acts that are related to business activities and profits of others, and acts that are related to the preparation of business activities and profits of others.

Acts that damage or may damage the honor or credibility of third parties or the association.

Acts that use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses or acts that may cause such acts.

Acts that violate or may violate the law, decree or ordinance.

Acts that the association deems inappropriate according to the above.

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Provision of personal information

In principle, the association will not provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the member.

About cookies

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Disclosure / suspension / deletion of personal information

If the person’s personal information is the subject and this person makes a request in regards to it, for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, erasure, etc. of his / her personal information, after confirming that he / she is the person by an appropriate method, the association will respond promptly, unless it is permitted by law or business to refuse.

Revision of personal information protection policy

The association may change the privacy policy without prior notice in response to changes in social conditions, technological progress, changes in various environments, etc. In that case, the revised privacy policy will be posted on this site.