Himalayas Samadhi Program

“Himalayas Samadhi Program” is a miraculous program where your mind, body, and soul are cleared out in a comprehensive manner, bringing out a positive transformation in your destiny.

What is
“Himalayas Samadhi Program”?


Unlike any other programs in the world, ”Himalayas Samadhi Program” (the Program) is a simple and safer program arranged by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa to fit a present-day person by eliminating hard training intrinsically necessary to realize enlightenment.

In addition tothehidden methods of the Himalayas, the Program incorporates many years of training and study of various traditional medicines, somatic therapy, psychotherapy and other healing arts around the world by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa.

On top of meditation practices, your destiny will soon be transformed for the better by profound learning of perfectly balanced Asana (physical postures and poses), workshops, and theteaching of how we use our mind in everyday life.

Himalayas Training Courses (Examples)

There are avariety of courses (programs) ranging from the onesmore concentrating on coping with individual wishes and troubles in life and the onesmore genuine in pursuing higher enlightenment.

Intensive Meditation Seminar

A foundational program to form a basis for Himalayan Siddha Meditation. By practicing on a regular basis, the darkness inside you that is clouding your mind is cleared out and you will be able to experience re-birth.

Basic Course

A program to deepen your awareness of different kinds of obsessions/attachments as well as preconceptions hidden in your subconscious mind. Together with a secret breathing method, your Karma will be removed like burning it off withalaser.

Seminar on True Health and Spiritual Peace

A unique Asana (physical postures and poses) practice developed by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa to attain spiritual peace and alignment with the core of your mind and body.

Programs for understanding the teachings of Himalayas (Examples)

In addition to meditation practices, let us learn wisdoms to be “in the here and now” by cultivating our awareness of how we use our mind in everyday life.。

Dialogue Sessions with Yogmata(Darshan)

Topics for the dialogue sessions with Yogmata Keiko Aikawa vary from the handling of human relationships, enlightenment, love and peace, and each encounter brings new understanding and appreciation. Each occasion of Darshan offers precise and most wanted hints and advice to each individual.

Remote Learning Course

A remote learning course where you can learn while at home or during a commute with CD recordings of talks by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa.
Words from the enlightened Himalayan Siddha Master will enable you to perceive matters from deep inside and bring true transformation.

Guidance and Telephone Consulting

For any concerns related to training or troubles in life, guidance from Yogmata Keiko Aikawa or telephone consulting with staff members will support you. By resolving a wavering mind or doubts through awareness, you will be able to go through a path of self-realization more smoothly.

Samadhi Retreat (Seven-day Intensive Training Camp)


Amassing 50 years of the grand work of Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

A miraculous program compiling 50 years of supreme wisdom and the grace of teaching and practice of Yogmata Keiko Aikawa.
Participants will experience numerous Himalayas secret methods and be blessed with energy from high dimensions all-day long. It is not unusual that just one occasion of participation changes one’s view of life 180 degrees.
Without being bothered by matters of everyday life, this is truly a luxurious week-long intensive training where you can simply focus on yourself and being purified.

Prayer and Memorial Service for Ancestors


Powerful prayer by enlightened Himalayan Siddha Master

Prayers and memorial services for ancestors conducted by enlightened Himalayan Siddha Master will become a solemn vow, determination or will, called Sankalpa, and you will be led/guided to the supreme existence.
Prayers can be for your own wishes to come true, and they can be relayed to the wishes for other people around you and for peace in the world. This relaying of prayers will offer the opportunity to nurture a good soul.
Furthermore, with prayers for ancestors both on your mother’s and father’s sides, all of your relatives will be blessed with success and prosperity, attaining ever greater happiness and luck.

How best to incorporate Himalayas Samadhi Program into life

Himalayas Samadhi Program is the one and only program for present-day people to pursue enlightenment while enjoying ordinary lives as members of a society. There are many people with diverse occupations and lifestyles participating in the programs on a regular basis to enrich their lives.

A case of Mr. A (business professional)Enjoying being refreshed after work

When being exhausted after intense work, I participate in a program at night. My mind was mixed up with different kinds of thoughts, but after the program, my mind was clear while deeply charged with energy.
I have a solid sense that even participation once a week has improved my power of concentration at work, and the feeling of calmness in my heart is unspeakably different.

A case of Ms. B (stay at home parent)Self-improvement in-between housework

After finishing housework for the day and during the late afternoon before my husband comes back from work at night, I go to the Ashram (training hall).
I was overwhelmed by family matters at home, but I began to realize that my mind has gradually become calmer as I participate in the program. Now I try participating in the program once a month by managing busy housework.

A case of Mr. C (public official)Being absorbed in meditation during holidays or weekends

I enjoy participating in the program during holidays or weekends to be away from everyday life matters and absorbed in training.
I am progressing firmly (steadily?) to enlightenment by participating in the program twice or three times a month and also joining retreats several times a year.
I am grateful that I am having a solid sense of becoming more purified. I am currently more carried away by meditation than any other hobbies I have.

A case of Ms. D (self-employed)Actively pursuing meditation during time away from work

I am very busy at work and unable to attend the program on a regular basis but while doing daily meditation practices, I listen to the recordings of words by Yogmata whenever possible to steadily continue training.
As regular attendance is not possible, I try to manage my schedule to participate in retreats (training camp at Ashram) once in several months to actively pursue intensive meditation.

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