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内なる平和を、世界平和につなぐ− それが、ヨグマタ相川圭子の教えです

Keiko Aikawa is a Himalayan saint who has undergone rigorous training in the Himalayas and has reached the ultimate enlightenment of “Samadhi” for the first time as a woman.

In order to save those who suffer in the confused modern society, we are passing on the love, wisdom and power gained from enlightenment to the people of Japan and the world.

By practicing the Himalayan teachings of Keiko Aikawa, Himalayan meditation,
your mind will be peaceful, it will spread around you, and the world will be peaceful ―

Such a new way of life that you really wanted is now open.

What is Yogmata Keiko Aikawa?


Keiko Aikawa is a Himalayan saint who has reached the ultimate enlightenment (Samadhi) through rigorous training in the Himalayas over 5000m above sea level.

After arriving at Samadhi, his teacher, Haribabaji, told him, “Tell the truth to the people. Save them from suffering. Tell them peace.” In order to fulfill that mission, we go down to society and carry out activities.

Currently, he is developing the “World Peace Campaign,” a movement that connects individual peace of mind to world peace.

Through Himalayan teachings and Himalayan meditation instruction, we encourage people to undergo essential transformation and evolution of consciousness, contributing to world peace.

The key to saving the confused modern society ―
That is the teaching of the Himalayas


Action is needed now to save the planet

People have sought happiness, developed civilization, and made convenient things. As a result, it has become materially rich, but on the other hand, it has become a highly competitive society, and many people are living under stress.

In order to relieve that stress, we are seeking various leisure activities, hobbies, and relationships, but our desires never stop, and we become obsessed with them, causing further suffering and confusion.

If we do not change the rough hearts of these people now, the conflict and environmental destruction will deepen, and the earth will continue to go in the direction of ruin.


Shift to a way of life that shares love

In order to bring true peace to this world, it is necessary to learn not a way of life that pursues only desire, but a way of life that fills oneself with love and peace and shares it with the surroundings.

Although such teachings are available in the world as knowledge, the negative mental habits, deep trauma, and strong attachment that I have accumulated hinder me from actually shifting my way of life.

Meditation is booming in Japan as well, but even if you can calm your mind temporarily, you cannot eliminate this persistent karma, and it will not be a fundamental solution.


Himalayan teachings reborn from the ground up

The key to saving such a world, the best teaching that has the power to essentially change people ―

That is the “Teaching of the Himalayas”, which is the truth of the universe that Keiko Aikawa learned after her life-threatening training.

Among them, the ultimate meditation method “Himalayan meditation” can heal deep stress, recharge the mind and body, overflow love from the inside, and change the surrounding environment naturally.

The Himalayan teachings are so powerful that they connect you to the existence of the root, draw out vitality, and even rewrite the blueprint of fate.


A miracle transformation program that you can experience in Japan

Keiko Aikawa, Yogmata, has received permission to spread the teachings of the Himalayas and developed the “Himalayan Samadhi Program” to cause miraculous self-transformation in order to save people.

Incorporating the essence of modern health methods, we provide safe, gentle and effective training that can be practiced from elementary school to 90 years old.

In addition, the addition of nuclear-powered energy called “Anugraha”, which only the Himalayan saints have, will bring about further transformation and evolution from the inside.

In the world of invisible energy, Keiko Aikawa knows all about it and can lead you to true peace safely and quickly.

Start a new life with
Himalayan meditation


“Dikusha” that connects with the Supreme Being

One of the first important rituals performed in the Himalayan teachings is diksha (meditation secret teaching).

In Dikusha, you will receive the vibration of a sacred sound called a mantra, which has the power to purify deep karma. By chanting this mantra every day, the inside becomes peaceful and leads to enlightenment.

Furthermore, in a special diksha with a touch, the sacred energy is directly poured, and Keiko Aikawa, a yogmata, takes the life to absorb the person’s karma (work), and the dimension rises at once.

This means a lifelong relationship with the Himalayan saints and is said to be an immeasurable benefit.


Become a person of love and peace while living a social life

The Himalayan teachings were originally strict when they were priests, but Keiko Aikawa arranged it so that anyone can practice it while living a social life.

By taking a little time every day and practicing Himalayan meditation steadily, Changes are steadily occurring inside, and every one, three, and ten years, we are filled with love, wisdom, and power.

Furthermore, by actively participating in the Yogmata Keiko Aikawa Dojo in Tokyo and programs held in rural areas, we will be guided to evolution more quickly.

Then, when you are full of happiness, you can contribute to world peace by sharing the benefits with those around you.

You will be happy and the people around you will be happy.Would you like to start such a new way of life right now?