The Special Features of Himalayan Teaching

Himalayan teaching is the science of immortality that lets you walk towards the ultimate Samadhi.
Its wisdom of enlightenment takes away all the stress and guides you to the best life.

The road to a complete human being has
more than a five-thousand-year tradition.

The Himalayan teaching is the road that leads you to be the ultimate human full of love, wisdom and vital energy. More than five thousand years ago, saints in the Himalayas trained themselves for their lifetimes and came to unravel the mechanism of mind, body and universe.

Now we can learn it, practice the secret method and directly receive the energy of the enlightenment from Himalayan masters. It wakes up your sleeping talent, solves all the problems and raises your quality as a human.

Maha Avtar Baba

The Grand Master

Maha Avatar Babaji
The master for Hari Babaji, a very mysterious and great saint
Hari Babaji

Father of Soul

Hari Babaji
A disciple of Maha Ottah Babaji (Maha Avatar Babaji) and the master for Yogmata and Pilot Babaji
Hari Babaji
Pilot Babaji
Ex-Air Force Samadhi Yogi. Brother disciple for Yogmata

The first Japanese and female Samadhi yogi in history

Himalayan Saints and the Inheritance of the Teachings

Himalayan secret teaching has been inherited by Maha Ottah Babaji to his disciple Hari Babaji, then to Pilot Babaji and to Yogmata Keiko Aikawa.

Pilot Babaji found Yogmata for her pure soul and invited her to Himalaya for training. Yogmata received a special blessing from Hari Babaji, a Himalayan saint, and became a legitimate successor of Himalayan teaching. Afterwards, Hari Baba told her to tell the truth to people, to save them from agony and save the world.

To fulfill the mission, Yogmata came back to our society to profess/promote the Himalayan teaching and save people.

Special Features of Himalayan Teachings

Born from “Samadhi”, the teaching that leads you to enlightenment

Born from “Samadhi”, the teaching that leads you to enlightenment

There are various teachings that tell us the way of life of a good human.

Among those teachings, Himalayan teaching is unique in the way that it thoroughly understands the mechanism of the human mind and body, and controls them to reach the state called “Samadhi”, enlightenment (“Nirvana” in the Buddhist term).

We guide you by showing practical methods to meet each one’s level, so that everybody can walk the path safely without excessive/unnecessary work.

Redraw your life plan, realign your destiny

Redraw your life plan, realign your destiny

Our destiny is decided by “Karma”. Karma is the memories from past lives that have been burnt into our subconscious.

Practicing Himalayan teaching takes out Karma that have been interfering with your success (failure Karma, trouble-causing Karma, illness/sickness Karma, negative “it cannot be helped” Karma, etc.) and realigns your life to the positive.

The Ultimate Anti-Aging /Health Method

The Ultimate Anti-Aging /Health Method

Living an ordinary life, people exhaust their energy and get old.

By Himalayan teaching, you can attain the techniques to control your mind movement, balance your body and save energy.

As a result, stress will be released from you. Then, you will be able to pump/draw up energy from the source of creation, the source of the universe unlimitedly.

Therefore, Himalayan teaching can be the ultimate anti-aging/health method.

Three basic trainings that realign your life

Introducing three important basics of training of Himalayan teachings.

Three basic trainings that realign your life

Various meditation methods created by Himalayan saints, combined with Samadhi power, lead you to the state of deep meditation and make it possible to draw out your potential.


Trust is the ability to receive power. Trusting the Siddha master (who reached the state of Samadhi) allows the energy of wisdom to flow to you and realize your dreams and wishes sooner.

The Power of Giving/Devotion to Others

“What you give is what you get” is the law of the universe. If you only take in or receive from others, eventually the flow of energy stops. If you give and devote to others, invisible power works to turn your life for the better.

Wisdom from the Enlightenment “Siddha Meditation”

Wisdom from the Enlightenment “Siddha Meditation”

Among Himalayan teachings, “Himalayan Siddha meditation” is one of the basic yet authentic practices. It is useful in our daily lives such as improving your concentration, creativity and productivity, releasing your stress, developing your potential, controlling your state of mind. Also, it shows the path to enlightenment, the best stage of all.

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