About Himalayan Siddha Meditation

The Himalayan Siddha meditation is a secret meditation to attain “Samadhi”,
the ultimate enlightenment, through purifying mind and body from within.

What is Himalayan meditation?


The meditation initiated by the Himalayan Siddha master who has attained the ultimate enlightenment is called “The Himalayan Siddha meditation”.

It is not a meditation for simple relaxation. It is the practice to connect you with your true self and the supreme being directly, and to lead you to the enlightenment.

The Himalayan Siddha meditation entails sitting meditations as well as “mindfulness” to stay in a “present moment” of our daily activities. It represents the Himalayan teaching which focuses on spirituality.

Characteristics of the Himalayan Siddha meditation


Healing your mind and body from deep within you

The Himalayan Siddha meditation awakens the life energy from deep within you and heals fundamentals of your mind and body.

The special meditation techniques and “Anugraha”, the power from the source which is available only to the Himalayan Yogi who attained the ultimate enlightenment, can make this fundamental healing possible.

By practicing various meditations with Anugraha, rejuvenation will occur from the cellular level. Your natural healing power and immunity will increase and your body will become robust and sound.

Furthermore, the meditation practice gets you into no-mindedness that enables you to spend your day always powerfully without wasting your energy for trivia of your daily life.


Feel your growth and change

The Himalayan Siddha meditation initiates not only deep healing of your mind and body but the essential development of a human from within.

By continuing the practice for one year, three years and 10 years, it awakens Love, Wisdom and Power residing within you and you will feel more solid change.

During this process, your innate potential may be awakened, and moreover, your unperturbed mind that is not swayed by anxiety, fear, pressure and other negative influences is built up.


It’s safe. Anyone can do it.

Some people might have an impression that meditation is difficult however, the Himalayan Siddha meditation is very easy and simple to start. Anyone can do it.

It’s not hard for your body when you move your body in the program. People who do not have confidence with their physical strength and health can start it without hardship.

In fact, from children to those in their 90’s, people of various ages practice the Himalayan Siddha meditation and they feel healing and growth.

The effect of the Himalayan Siddha meditation


The Himalayan Siddha meditation is primarily the practice to lead you to the enlightenment however, during the process of the practice, various positive changes may occur in your life such as stress reduction, increasing health, development of abilities and so on.

Benefits of the Himalayan Siddha meditation classified by the categories of wishes are introduced.

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