Merit 05⼼⾝共に健康でいたい

Trying many different health methods, but those did not work.
The Himalayan teaching is the best method to well up vital energy from inside
of you and keep your body and mind clean and in order.


Worry about health conditions…
Anything occur to you?

  • Out of physical condition, unknown origin
  • Costs much money to do several health methods
  • Regain and maintain your youthfulness
  • Cannot stop/halt bad life habits
  • Sickness when feeling stressed

The “Key” to keeping free of illness and bad physical condition

The “Key” to keeping free of illness and bad physical condition

Pump/Draw up your vital energy, positive use of your mind

There are many different methods to use against being out of physical and mental condition. However, unless you improve your life habits or constitution itself, you end up repeating the same symptomatic treatments.

Like the saying, “indulgence killed the cat,” your constitution and life habits are closely related to negative energy or stress that unnoticeably accumulates in your body and mind.

For instance, you might fall ill when you worry or feel anxious. Or you might get sick due to dependence on taking something to keep your mental balance.

To get out of such a state, you need to learn ways to use your mind to keep stress away, and practical methods to pump/draw up vital energy from inside of you and tune up your energy.

If you do that, it will strengthen your immunity, tolerance and self-healing power. You will recover a truly sound body and mind that keeps illness away.

I want to tidy up my body

and mind from the inside,

but …

There are many methods to keep your body in good shape. However, people do not know methods that remove stress from deep down in your mind and strengthen your energy.

Changing moods by doing your hobby usually works only temporarily. The use of your mind in hobbies often exhausts you.

Not by healing you from the outside, but by learning the method that pumps/pulls up your vital energy and fulfills your inside, your body and mind will be tidied up effortlessly.

How can you tidy up your body and mind from the inside and make yourself truly healthy?
“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

Learning and practicing Himalayan teachings pump/pull up your vital energy, at the same time purifying the accumulated stress and negative energy in you.

Special features of Himalayan Teachings

Charge your body and mind and relax

Charge your body and mind and relax

Himalayan Siddha meditation, as a practical method of Himalayan teachings, makes you deeply relaxed, eases the tension and restores the balance of your autonomic nerves.

It improves your blood circulation and body metabolism. Then, cells themselves are restored and revitalized just like they were detoxified. You will recover to a well-balanced body as it was meant to be.

By restoring the foundation of vital activity, even more power wells up from the source and that strengthens the self-healing power. It completely improves your constitution from the foundation.

Less energy consumption, become younger

Less energy consumption, become younger

Day by day, unnoticeably, we are piling up small stresses. We drain the energy by negative usage of our mind and gradually become out of balance.

By Learning Himalayan teaching and practicing meditation, your mind becomes peaceful, obsessions disappear. You no longer consume energy like you did as you do not make unnecessary reactions to all things.

Furthermore, once your inside is purified, it makes you shine, it keeps you younger than what you are.

Himalayan teachings have been said to be “the science of immortality.” It not only keeps you healthy but also it is the ultimate anti-aging method.

Face being out of condition with a positive mind

Face being out of condition with a positive mind

Everybody feels anxious when they are sick. Sometimes, the negative energy from the anxiety goes to the affected part causing a worsening of the symptom.

One of the wonderful blessings that the Himalayan teaching offers is to erase the anxiety against illness.

Once your mind becomes peaceful, you can accept the illness, appreciate your body and mind. You can be empty-minded so that your energy does not go towards a negative direction.

Then your power of self-healing, that you unnoticeably prevented, revitalizes and restores the balance. Sometimes, we see a remarkable recovery just like a miracle.

Himalayan teachings change you to…
Be powerful and stay young

Be powerful
and stay young

Disorders will be healed unnoticeably

People will say you have become attractive

No need to spend money on health methods

Easily overcome bad life habits

No longer under the effects of stress

Experiences of Himalayan Teachings

I was told “you look beautiful.” (20’s female, Osaka)

Since I received the diksha, people often say to me such things as “ you look more beautiful than before,” “you look like a different person” and “something is welling up from inside you,” etc.

People who I meet for the first time, people I meet after some time, many people praise me.

Before the diksha, I was struggling as my desire to be attractive was too strong. Now, I am purified inside and recovering a sound body and mind effortlessly. With the strong sense of security and purification that Yogmata gave me, I am joyfully walking my life’s path.

My heavy body became light just like the clouds (40’s female, Chiba)

Since I met Yogmata, my mind gradually became positive. I noticed that the ugliness, dirtyness and stickiness in my mind disappeared imperceptibly.

My body became very light like clouds in the blue sky now. It used to always be heavy. It may be my inner self shining through to the outside, my eyes are shiny and my skin is smooth. I am sometimes surprised to see myself in the mirror.

Through the practice of meditation that Yogmata gave me, attending programs, my body and mind are cleaned up. It was a nice surprise to see a “beautiful” extra on top of obtaining a sound body and mind.

I no longer worry about the future. I think it is because I have peace of mind.

Thanks to Yogmata, now I can take every occurrence as a learning opportunity.

Whatever happens in the future, I think I will be alright. I thank Yogmata for evolving me like this.

Recovered from an incurable disease (40’s female, Chiba)

About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease. Western medicine gave up on me, so I visited so many clinics that offer Eastern treatment. I despaired that I was thinking that my life was almost over.

Clinging to a thread, I met Yogmata as my friend recommended.

Since then, I was aware that the disease was the outcome of my way of living. So that I received Diksha and started practicing meditation.

I was regularly attending meditation training. After two years, I realized there was no reoccurrence of the disease.

Six years later, when I had a health examination, the doctor could not believe that I had that incurable disease. Looking at the results of the examination, he asked, “Are you sure? Did you really have that disease?

Now I am healthy and practicing the Himalayan teaching to meet my true self.

I feel joy to improve myself day by day.

Pump/Draw up unlimited vital power by meditation

Many pains and illnesses, apart from the lack of exercise and unhealthy life habits that cause them, are related to your mental condition.

If your mind is irritated, is obsessed with something or is captured by negative thoughts, they will come to the surface as physiological change such as pain in the body.

Also, too much worrying about the sickness or the obsession with it, lowers your immunity and exhausts your energy.

If we closely examine the deep roots of the symptom, we may find greed that might mislead you, or discontent where things do not go as you wish. For most people, it is difficult to accept things as is.

To improve your health disorder, you should transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. Furthermore, with the power of the higher-self (God) that is connected to your soul, lies deep down in your heart, you will heal much faster.

It is not easy to connect with your soul if you are not well or your mind is negative. Reconnecting with the soul by receiving Diksha and practicing meditation makes you more relaxed and feeling easier.

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Himalayan Siddha meditation is one of the most powerful methods among all Himalayan teaching.

Practicing it every day, your inner-self will surely be purified, you will be fulfilled with positive energy. It makes your life richer.

Please start learning the Himalayan Siddha meditation by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa. Let your new life begin!

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