Merit 03Become “true-self”, come closer to enlightenment

It is essential to have a master who knows all aspects of the road,
if you wish to walk on the road to enlightenment.
Yogmata Keiko Aikawa, who has reached the ultimate enlightenment (Samadhi),
can guide you to enlightenment via the quickest route.


It requires effort to reach enlightenment,
do you you feel stuck because you…

  • Cannot achieve an empty mind, cannot put thoughts out of your mind
  • Realize the limitation of obtaining knowledge from a book
  • Cannot tell what is true teaching
  • Don’t feel you are moving closer to enlightenment
  • Are not good at doing harsh training

The key to surely get closer to enlightenment

The key to surely get closer to enlightenment

Directly melt your obsession and karma

There are many teachings around the world whose aim is enlightenment. However, in many cases, you just learn knowledge or pretend to be a good person by instilling yourself with a particular value.

To aim for enlightenment, it is important to purify the obsessions that have been ingrained in your mind and the memories that have been accumulated during past lives called ‘Karma”.

As a result of purifying your obsessions and karma, your mind becomes peaceful, the connection to the source of creation strengthens, wisdom wells up, power flows and love emanates from you. You will become a saint.

Want to purify my

obsession and karma


Even if you understand the necessity of purifying obsession and karma to reach enlightenment, it is not easy to practice them.

It is difficult to feel you are actually evolving, even though you try many different approaches such as studying books, meditating in your own way, or doing voluntary work etc.

Ideally, the method that directly works on the deep roots of obsession and karma, and purifies them, must be the most efficient way to reach enlightenment.

What is the quickest way to enlightenment?
“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa

The Himalayan teachings, discovered more than 5000 years ago, are a practical technique to melt obsession and purify karma.
Only Himalayan great masters, including Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa, who have reached the ultimate enlightenment, can instruct this special meditation method.

Special feature of Himalayan teachings

Melting obsession and karma, special practice

Melting obsession and karma, special practice

Among all Himalayan teachings, “Himalayan Siddha meditation “is the origin of all meditations and was invented to aim for enlightenment.

For instance, in the meditation method called Anugraha Kriya, karma and obsession are burnt out like using a laser beam, actively purifying inside of you and guiding you quickly to an empty state.

These techniques are really powerful, so, they are not usually available to the public. Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa, the only person in Japan who has reached to ultimate enlightenment, can instruct Himalayan Siddha meditation correctly and safely.

To receive energy from an enlightened saint

To receive energy from an enlightened saint

A unique aspect of the Himalayan teaching, is that energy pours from Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa, as one who has reached the ultimate enlightenment.

It is difficult to be empty minded by just calmly sitting. However, through the energy of an enlightened person, you will be quickly guided to obtain an empty mind.

Usually, the more your meditation advances, the more risk is involved. However, under the protection of a Himalayan great saint, you can safely enter the world within.

You can practice quality training, while living a social life

You can practice quality training, while living a social life

Generally, to aim for enlightenment, you need to become an ascetic monk and do harsh trainings in deep mountainous areas.

However, from her wish to promote the essential quality of life to as many people as possible, Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa developed a special training program that guides you to enlightenment in the fastest way while you live a social life.

You can realize an achievement in taking each program. And, for those who desire further progress, meditation camps are offered, where you can achieve decades worth of training in just days.

Himalayan teaching changes you to…
Surely come closer to enlightenment, while realizing your progress.

Surely come closer to
enlightenment, while
realizing your progress.

Thoughts go away and you experience emptiness

Realize the beauty of the road to enlightenment

Begin with the belief that this road is the real one

See the progress every day

Enjoy daily training without stress

Experiences of Himalayan teachings

Encounter with the road to the enlightenment (30’s male, Tokyo)

I was looking for the road to enlightenment by myself before I came to this place.

I visited many different Yoga studios and read many books, but I wasn’t convinced by any of them. I was seeking a teacher who could surely guide me on the real road to enlightenment.

I had wanted to meet such teacher seriously for almost 3 years.

Now, I can clearly say that my wish came true and I can keep walking straight ahead.

I was still figuring out how to progress, in the first month after receiving diksha from Yogmata-ji, when I attended a seminar, where I realized that this is the great road and the real deal.

After that, I saw Yogmataji monthly. My trust and gratitude towards Yogmataji is still growing.

Seeing further progress, I noticed that I am following a good cycle.

Though I was at a loss and struggled before, now I am truly glad to feel that I have finally reached the starting point. All I need to do now is keep walking straight ahead.

I don’t believe I could have walked this road without a master. If I had not encountered Yogmataji, I would still have been at a loss in the darkness.

I came to realise that I just want to keep practicing this teaching as much as possible.

Received blessing more than I deserve (40’s female, Kanagawa)

It has been 2 years since I begin practicing meditation.

At the beginning, my objective was to overcome the difficulties in my life. I thought enlightenment was more than I deserved, and not for a nobody like myself. I was under the impression that, to reach enlightenment, I needed to spend many days training deep in the mountains.

As I keep practicing meditation every day, attending seminars when I can, changing my daily life referring to the stories of other students’ experiences, I have come to feel easy, aware of many things and refreshed inside of myself.

Enlightenment is possibly achieved by accumulating small awarenesses like this and that.

I understand that, despite getting dirty in my daily life, Yogmataji cleans me and enables me to pursue the road to enlightenment. I came to realize that I was walking this path.

There must be so much to learn for the ignorant me, who was all of sudden raised to a higher state that I did not deserve However, I am somehow so excited.

I still cannot believe that I was luckily shown such a path so easily.

I want to live my daily life carefully, not to waste the blessing that I do not deserve and respond to the love of Yogmataji.

Everything is a lesson. (30’s female, Kanagawa)

It’s been over 4 years since I started practicing Yogmata’s meditation.

Before I met Yogmata, I was reading many books on spirituality and attending spiritual seminars. I felt satisfied seeing an improvement in my ability and to have more knowledge.

I also gave this early teaching to my child.

Looking back on it now, it was a silly thing to do. I was avoiding real happiness.

If I had not met Yogmataji, I would still be doing the same, putting so much effort into living.

It is just like rowing a small boat on the rising waves, unable to make a decision which island to head to. Then, in the end, gradually exhausted…

Now, I feel like my consciousness has become like an ocean itself. In daily life, my consciousness is busily working on this and that on the ocean. However, I understand that such is just an aspect of life and know the ocean is a calm and peaceful space.

Seeing with this consciousness, I understand everything is a lesson and feel gratitude. I do not need to go anywhere.

My Sea is still as small as the Seto Inland sea, but surely it will grow to an ocean through practicing Yogmataji’s meditation program.

I now feel that, I will become my true self, when all the ocean becomes one. I am convinced that nothing is more precious than this.

You need a master if you wish to walk on the path to enlightenment.

In order to learn things or when we study, it requires a master or a teacher. This applies to many things. There is always a teacher, in any sphere of life, who guidse us how not to waste time in order to achieve things efficiently.

In particular, the ultimate goal of life, the enlightenment to be a complete human “the road to Samadhi”, remains to be explored. In pursuit of this, you always feel insecure and are always cheek by jowl with risk. You cannot walk this path without a guide.

Therefore, you need a siddha master (One who has reached the ultimate enlightenment). Their experiences of samadhi alters their body and mind, they become the true self, and become one with the supreme existence, god. From them you can receive protection and blessing, while you too become your true self and finally reach samadhi.

The sense of connection to the Siddha master, via their anugraha, both physically and spiritually, removes the fear and anxiety of death, that you encounter during the Samadhi training, while guiding you to an unlimited existence.

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Himalayan Siddha meditation is one of the most powerful methods among all Himalayan teaching.

Practicing it every day, your inner-self will surely be purified, you will be fulfilled with positive energy. It makes your life richer.

Please start learning the Himalayan Siddha meditation by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa. Let your new life begin!

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