Merit 05Bring up your child in good health

When raising a child, it is important that the parents’ mind is fulfilled.
With the Himalayan teaching, you will be full of vital energy and your worry and anxiety will fade away.
You can manage the healthy upbringing of your child.


Worries about child rearing…
Anything occur to you?

  • Always exhausted, cannot move like you want to
  • Unconsciously lose your temper and be self-hateful about it
  • Not sure how to raise your child
  • Push your values on your child
  • Can not deal with your child in an affectionate way

The “Keys” for the healthy upbringing of your child

The “Keys” for the healthy upbringing of your child

If parents’ minds are unified/become one, their family becomes happy

To aim for making a better family, it is important for you to heal yourself first and fulfill yourself with positive energy. It gives you both a physical and mental margin. Such a margin allows you to have big-hearted love and that helps your child-raising and housekeeping work.

To become a such parent, it is important for you to have the habit of pulling up the vital energy from inside of you and restoring your energy in the deeper realm.

At the same time, it is also important to release your prejudices. Prejudices such as ‘It should be xxx” or ‘I should do xx’ etc. Those prejudices exhaust you.

If you do so, you can be relaxed and accept your partner and child as they are. You no longer demand or expect anything from them. You will be able to deal with them with warmth.

If the parents do not push their values onto their child and look after them with big-hearted love, the child will glow animatedly and display their rich talent.

I want to raise my

child full of love,


In child-upbringing, many people have their worries about child rearing. Sometimes you may ask people around you for their advice. Or you may study some method of child-rearing and practice it.

However, this knowledge or these ideas become obsessions or prejudice, then you may push such prejudice onto your child. Sometimes, you might be frustrated if things do not go according to your knowledge.

If there is a method that allows you just to be who you really are, without making an effort, the method that fulfills you with love and energy. That also tidies up your family. It must be the easiest and most simple solution.

Any child rearing method without effort?
“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

Take in Himalayan Siddha meditation, the most basic of Himalayan teachings, into your daily life as a habit, and you will become energetic and not get tired easily.
Moreover, you will be free from your obsessions and anxiety. You will be able to deal with your family with warmth effortlessly.

Special features of Himalayan teachings

It charges the energy in you in the deeper realm. It provides you with a margin both physically and mentally

It charges the energy in you in the deeper realm. It provides you with a margin both physically and mentally

Practicing Himalayan Siddha meditation, a very special meditation method, restores the balance of autonomous nerves with its deep relaxation effect, and eases the tension of your mind and body.

Then it improves your blood circulation. It helps you to overcome fatigue, chronic cold sensitivity, or unidentified health disorders. Your daily life becomes much easier.

Moreover, vital energy wells up from inside of you. You will be a powerful person so that, even if you are busy, you can deal with child-rearing and housekeeping with no stress.

With your unconditional love, your child grows up lively and healthy

With your unconditional love, your child grows up lively and healthy

Even if you wish to, in reality, it is hard to raise children with your unconditional love as your worries or obsessions control you. You might blame yourself for that.

By clearing those worries or the cause of the worry that lies in the root of your mind, you will be fulfilled with deep love and become clear-headed and relaxed.

You will stop expecting others to fill your shortcomings. You accept your children as they are, trust them. You will be able to pour your love into them in the true sense.

Enjoy housekeeping work with an empty mind

Enjoy housekeeping work with an empty mind

Nobody helps me, or praises me despite my making so much effort. Have you ever felt unsatisfied like that?

In the learning process of Himalayan teaching, you will reach the state of dedication where you do not expect nor demand anything from anybody. You will be creative and enjoy housekeeping work and taking care of your child.

Such an unselfish state moves others’ minds to provide you with their support. Also your child will have a sound spirit. Your relationships with your family will be good ones.

Himalayan teaching changes you to…
Your home will be warm, full of love and laughter

Your home will be warm,
full of love and laughter

To be a person who can enjoy child-rearing and housekeeping

To be told you have become kind

Observe your child’s growth with trust

To shower your children with true love and affection

To make the warm household that you wished (wanted? desired?) to have

Experiences of Himalayan Teachings

Child-rearing became so easy (30’s female, Shimane)

I have a daughter. She is one-year, nine-months old.

Recently, my daughter helps my housekeeping work like clearing dishes after meals, or putting a blanket on my husband while he is taking a nap, or wiping the table, etc.

I did not particularly teach her anything. I am surprised to see her doing those things.

Before I knew it, she became a kind, lively and sweet child. I am glad that I have given her diksha.

As children are purer, they fully receive the blessings of Yogmata, I can see.

Though my daughter still takes a lot of dealing with, I realized that child-rearing can be easy and effortless as long as I leave it up to Yogmata.

Now I cannot even believe that I was struggling to cope with both my work and household half a year ago.

Now I am more relaxed and coping with both my work and housekeeping work.

Enjoy dealing with my children from the bottom of my heart (30’s female, Kanagawa)

I used to be displeased noticing my children’s defects and scolded them. I think I ruined the time with my children that should have been a fun time for us.

After I received diksha, I came to enjoy doing many things with my children.

Also, as trauma and obsession fade, I am able to enjoy every moment from the bottom of my heart.

I presume that people never understand how (much) fun it can be, unless they experience it.

More fun than worry (30’s female, Shimane)

I am a mother of three children. Me and my husband both work.

Child-rearing should be one of most responsible things we do. So being a parent, I was always worrying.

In such a time, I met Yogmata and received diksha from her. My children also received diksha.

My children become highly aware whenever they see Yogmata. They can not help sitting still as they are so glad to see Yogmata.

Soon after I received diksha, I came to realize that I was always looked after and protected even from a distance, though I cannot see it with my eyes.

Before I knew it, the times my children became sick decreased. My children have always been lively and cheerful.

I have been busy at work, child-rearing and housekeeping every day. I am exhausted every night. However, people seem to see me differently. Some say to me ‘you always look cheerful’ or ‘I want to live like you if I get married’.

I feel that huge concern that I used to have has faded away and now I have more fun than worries.

I wish as many people as possible can live their daily lives like I do.

Child-rearing is the opportunity to foster/develop your love

Many mothers who are concerned about their childcare come to see me. They are making so much effort but it does not go as they wish. They want to raise their child as they wish.

They are frustrated by fatigue. They try to push their values onto their child. Many of them are so attached to things like the childcare manual, their respectability or common sense. Many are also having problems in the relationship with their partners.

Originally, childcare is a wonderful opportunity for the parents to improve themselves. They can foster unconditional love in their children. If you keep devoting without demanding anything in return, the energy that you extended to others will return to you sooner or later.

Your child and your partner are like a mirror that reflects you. If you pour love into them, they will return the love to you. In case you are always demanding and do not get what you demand, you get frustrated and expend the energy of stress or its shortage to your children. Such negative energy confuses your children. Your children are a mirror to you.

The fastest way to be relaxed is to receive diksha and practice meditation. That strengthens your positive energy. The relationship with your family will be filled with love and day by day, you are going to be happy.

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Himalayan Siddha meditation is one of the most powerful methods among all Himalayan teaching.

Practicing it every day, your inner-self will surely be purified, you will be fulfilled with positive energy. It makes your life richer.

Please start learning the Himalayan Siddha meditation by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa. Let your new life begin!

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