Merit 06Make your life after retirement energetic

Life after retirement is an opportunity for you to start a new way of life.
You will be energetic and happy. Every day becomes full of purpose.
You can have such a wonderful life by practicing Himalayan teaching.


Worry about the
remainder of your life?

  • Wondering what is the purpose of your life?
  • Worry if you have enough money to live
  • Want to be energetic as long as possible
  • Worry about the future
  • Imagine the world after death and feel terrified

The “Key” to make your second life sublime

The “Key” to make your second life sublime

Realize the meaning of life and feel secured

All concerns, that you feel about the remainder of your life, are ultimately attributed to a fundamental fear of death.

Decreased body strength, livinge that eats into your savings, death of a person close to you etc. You realize that you are approaching death. And you are concerned more and more.

What if you solved the riddle of life and death, understand that death is not something to be afraid of, and finally realize the meaning of life?

You will realise how small your concerns are. Whatever your circumstances, you will be able to make choices, with sufficient breathing room in your heart, that you have always wished for. A choice full of love.

If you live life without stress nor concerns, you will never be stressed out. You become healthy and live every day lively.

Want to overcome the

fear of the death,

but …

It is essential to understand the true nature of the fear of death, if you wish to overcome it.

There are many teachings that tell you the meaning of life or about the world after death. If you merely pretend to understand these ideas, you still cannot be truly relieved from the concerns which are held in the deeper recesses of your mind.

How can you cleanse those fears or concerns at their roots?

How to solve the riddle of after death?
How to be filled with a sense of protection?
“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa

“Himalayan Teachings” by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa

The Himalayan teaching by Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa, is the road to enlightenment.
You will get to know the true meaning of life and go beyond death.
As your meditation advances, you will feel protected and live a purposeful life.

Special feature of Himalayan teachings

Understand the true nature of life and death through real experience

Understand the true nature of life and death through real experience

Everything seems to disappear when you die and become nothingness, however, Himalayan teaching discloses the true nature of the “soul” that remains after death and never disappears.

Himalayan teaching is not mere knowledge. It connects you to the eternal existence, your soul, and lets you experience it. This is the unique feature of Himalayan teaching.

You will become empty minded though practicing the Himalayan Siddha meditation. When you face death, as a simulated experience during the course of this training, you may realize that unlimited vital energy and true love lies there, and death is not something you should be afraid of.

The ultimate purpose of your life that makes you shine

The ultimate purpose of your life that makes you shine

After death, your soul goes to a realm that has the same quality of energy that you have accumulated prior to death. So, if you lived your life in good way, you will head towards a happy and light world after death.

Therefore, if you decide to polish your soul as the purpose of the remainder of your life, you will make not only the remainder of your life, but also the next lives, full of hope. If you purify your mind in the fastest way, and live a life of striving for virtue, you may go beyond death and finally reach to enlightenment; blissful happiness.

Several problems resolve themselves

Several problems resolve themselves

As you age, you may face several issues related to finance, relationships, nursing care… You may wonder how to deal with them.

By practicing Himalayan teaching, you will emit good energy. Moreover, under the protection of the great existence, you will receive support from the people around you without asking.

By deepening your trust for the invisible world, you will nurture an unshakable mind and eventually receive everything full of love and gratitude.

Himalayan teaching changes you …
With full purpose and sense of security, the remainder of your life will be happy

With full purpose and
sense of security,
the remainder of your life
will be happy

Encounter the best way of life to polish yourself

The fear for death dissipates

Remain calm whatever happens

No worries about money

Look forward to aging

Experiences of Himalayan teachings

Elevate myself in the true sense (60’s female, Tokyo)

I had no idea about saints, energy or meditation, when I met Yogmata for the first time. Since then, I have realized the beauty of Anuguraha and the energy of the masters though my own experience.

If I had not met Yogmata, I would never have experienced purification or encounter the source of life.

Those experiences, through the higher diksha and programs such as private sessions, do not fade away in time but remain, keep me organised, fulfilled and guide me to a place where everyone is love.

Though I am retiring soon, I am grateful to be able to spend the wonderful days till I die with purpose in my life.

In accordance with Yogmataji’s teaching, I am always positive and take everything as a lesson. I am confident that I can get back on the path quickly should I go in a wrong direction. This confidence makes my life very positive.

I thank Yogmata for her understanding way to guide us with Anuguraha.

My 82 years old mother became a different person (40’s female, Hokkaido)

Thanks to Diksha, I think that my mother obtained true peace of mind at 82 years old.

My mother was always a worrier before, always worried about the future. But now, she only tells me about the small but good things that happen in her daily life and always thanks Yogmata for them.

Though she is being nursed by care givers, she always has thanks for the kindness of so many people and has started to work as a volunteer to share the blessing that she has been receiving.

She used to always say that she was useless. Now she is a different person.

She always has no doubt that everything is Yogmata’s blessing. She looks very happy. She found the joy of life and became a social person.

This inner improvement has changed her appearance too. She now looks much younger than she actually is.

I am truly healthy at this age (80’s male, Tokyo)

When I lost my wife to cancer and became alone, I was so down, without anything I could depend upon, and I took leave of myself. I troubled many people around me.

At that time, I received diksha and started meditation. I listen to many talks given by Yogmata, learned from them and then recovered.

I still practice meditation every day.

Due to the nature of sales work, I was drinking every day before I met Yogmataji. Since then, I have never wanted to drink at all.

I think a man’s life usually goes wrong when he loses his partner. In my case, I am still healthy, and life is blissful.

How to live the reminder of your life

You must surely have gone through various experiences in life. Started working or got married, had children, and raised your kids. So it must be the time to take a break.

Your 50’s are the period of your life when you become mentally mature and contemplate a great deal. You have reached to the ripening stage. I call this “The golden generation”. And I recommend those in this generation to be “reborn”.

Prior to this, you have been distracted by the external world. Now is the time for you to slow down, take in wisdom and closely assess your life. It is the time to clean up the stress that you have been accumulating inside of yourself. It is the time to be reborn as a pure and light person. It is the time to start a new way of life.

Himalayan teachings contain the power to purify inside of you in an express manner. These are simple secret methods that everyone can practice.

You can expel the poison of accumulated stress and restore your youth by various work, secret teachings or secret meditation methods.

Look inside of yourself, deepen your understanding of being human and of the truth, then begin an independent new life!

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Specifically, how do I proceed with the study of Himalayan teachings?

Himalayan Siddha meditation is one of the most powerful methods among all Himalayan teaching.

Practicing it every day, your inner-self will surely be purified, you will be fulfilled with positive energy. It makes your life richer.

Please start learning the Himalayan Siddha meditation by Yogmata Keiko Aikawa. Let your new life begin!

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