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Heaven and hell are there now

Heaven and hell aren't the only places to go after death. With this body now, there are heaven and hell in the midst of various things happening.

I love people, I am loved, and I have no suffering. Moreover, I am blessed with talent and healthy. If you have this way of life, it's like you are in heaven.

On the other hand, even though I haven't done anything wrong, I'm always hurt or unconsciously hurt. Moreover, I have a lot of troubles, my heart is stressed, and I'm suffering and unhappy.

Or, I'm always worried about my illness, and I have to have a scalpel on my body for surgery, which makes me suffer. That is the suffering of hell.

How can we leave such a hellish world and go to heaven? It is to awaken to the truth, to know the truth of the body and mind, to awaken and live.

When you do that, you are free from all karma and are able to live a life that is not at the mercy of your karma or your mind. In other words, it is a way of life that is full of charity, thanking for everything and being in heaven.

Heaven can also be seen in the Samadhi process. As I have already explained, Samadhi is a divine practice that transcends life and death, but as the meditation deepens, there are various experiences.

First, in the process of purifying the five elements, soil, water, fire, wind, and sky, you see a rich vision in each experience. In addition, the purification of karma makes you empty, makes you feel like you don’t have body, frees you from physical suffering, and you see a beautiful vision.

The road to Samadhi is a journey back to the source that creates everything. The process of the Samadhi experience of going beyond the physical body to becoming an astral body and then a cosmic body is truly a heavenly experience.

(Excerpt from KADOKAWA "If you prepare your mind, you can live more comfortably")

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