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Everything is learning, even if life is in a difficult situation

Even if your life is in a difficult situation, everything is learning.

So you thank for being alive.

You also thank for the rising sun, the air, the food, your body and mind, and the ability to grow.

Blessings are always on you. In fact, you are being alive by the grace of heaven and the help of many people.

Thank when you’re in difficult times. The difficult situation itself brings you a lot of awareness and encourages your growth.

Gratitude has the power to turn every situation around.

When a person hates something, he/she is tied to the situation or the event that he/she wants to escape most.

Instead, when you accept and appreciate the situation you are in, things start to turn around.

(Excerpt from KADOKAWA "If you prepare your mind, you can live more comfortably")

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