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The true meaning of “believe in yourself.”

Believe in yourself.

This word is used in various situations.

However, some people can't really feel it,
and some people don't understand its meaning.

This is what it means to believe in yourself.

You are about to try something. 

Even though you can't really do it,
you think “I can do it, believe in myself”,
which becomes a lie.

Still, the more you try to think, the more anxious you become, 
and you can’t believe in yourself.

More than that, 
you’re not perfect now and you’re still growing.

And still, 
you accept without denying that you’re the maximum yourself

We are in the process of learning.

When you understand humbly and gratefully
that you’re learning a lot now
and that there are some things that aren't right,
you will be able to believe in yourselves as you are who are here.

(From KADOKAWA “The only way to purify the soul”)


Comments from the poster of this passage

I'm a mentor, but sometimes my students lose confidence.

At that time, when I read a passage of this book, everyone will be well.
 (Male in 40s, stage actor)

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