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“Death” is a point of epic circulation and a passing point

Some people may find death lonely and scary, as death separates from family and friends, favorite things, favorite scenery, and so on.

That is because there is an attachment to various things. You want to keep this and that, and you don't want to let go.

Some people think that when they die, everything goes away, but that's not the case.

Death is a transit point experienced by living people. Death is not the goal.

Since the body is a substance, it has a lifespan. Death is coming. But the soul is eternal. The astral body also remains.

Upon death, the astral body, which is engraved with memory, escapes from the body and heads for a place with the same quality of energy.

The soul in the astral body also goes with it.

Sometimes it goes to what is called a heavy energy hell.

To prevent this from happening, by purifying karma with the transmission of high-dimensional energy called Dikusha, a Himalayan esotericism, and being connected to God, the astral body is connected to heaven and you will be guided there.

A person can practice only when he/she has a physical body. It is important to purify your karma while you are alive.

From that point of view, the body is like a garment.

You take off your garments, dies, and after a certain period of time, returns to the world to practice.

Death is one of the points of the magnificent circulation and the passing point. People have been on an evolutionary journey for hundreds and thousands of years, with death as a passing point.


(From "Life beyond my expectations is waiting right there (Daiwa Shobo)")

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