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What is the “mission” that we were born with?


Thank you very much.


I often wonder why we were born. If you don’t mind, could you tell me about such a mission, or something like that?


Okay. Everyone, they meet their true self. After all, they are peaceful, they are brotherhood with each other, they are children of God, they all respect each other.

For example, there are different castes, different colors such as blacks, whites, yellow races, or different educational backgrounds. Regarding the different colors, everyone inevitably…

As you have a mind, you see in that way. So, everyone should grow love more. We are the existence of love, knowing the truth and awakening our essence.

Meditation takes such things and goes beyond values.

It will be a world where everyone has conscious of equality with love, everyone becomes equal, everyone respects each other, and helps each other.

That’s why everyone is now stopping, meditating, and getting to know their true self even more.

We are at the mercy of the differences, so I would like you to awaken to the fact that you love the essence more and meet the truth.

That’s what I talked when I was invited to teach meditation at the United Nations.

After all, let’s all understand each other, so that we can see it from various angles.

Dropping the ego, which says “I, myself, myself”.

I think it is necessary to evolve the human beings and consciousness that take such a step forward. Be kind to each other.

If the number of such people increases, I think the world will change even more.

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