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Message from Yogmata in July 2020

(At a lecture in Sapporo on July 4, 2020)

Your thoughts are transmitted as vibrations around you.

If you think you "dislike", your thoughts are transmitted that way, and if you think you "like", your thoughts are transmitted that way.

Your thoughts will spread inside and outside as vibration, and will dye you.

You are the result of your own thoughts.

Your thoughts are making your destiny.

To control your destiny, you change your "thoughts."

Right now, there is no sign that the corona wreck will subside.

Fear and anxiety are increasing with the reaction of each person's heart.

The mind instantly creates various thoughts and emotions move.

How can we get rid of our anxiety?

This situation is a learning and a test given to us humans.

The question is how to live.

Everyone who is practicing at me is spending time without any anxiety.

They are learning how to live with an unwavering heart.

The Himalayan saint's vibrations melt your anxiety.

You will be able to be in the present with an unwavering heart.

It is important to have good feelings.

Your thoughts create your future.

Be aware of the automatically reacting mind and train yourself as you are.

Your thoughts will come back from the other party.

~ Yogmata

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