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Realizing world peace through inner peace

What can we do to help others, make others happy and bring peace into the world?

By practicing Yogmata's teachings, your mind becomes peaceful, and it will overflow and ripple to your surroundings naturally and make them happy.

When you change yourself, people change naturally(female part-timer in her 40's)

Since I started meditating, I realized that others around me changed naturally without me asking for a change.

I feel it's possible that we can make a difference and bring a change to our family and to the whole planet by changing ourselves one by one.

Nothing seems to have changed on the surface however, I feel that my heart is filled with joy whatever I do and I am grateful.

That's how I feel that peace of mind of each individual contributes to world peace.

People who do not know about Yogmata and those who know her but do not receive the initiation may not embrace this peace that I am feeling now which seems a pity to me..

I pray that more people embrace peace of mind and practice her teachings.

One who brings peace (female corporate employee in her 40's)

When I was a child, I used to wish that "if I could be of help to people and society". At the sametime, I also held myself back thinking it may be like a dream as I was a simple ordinary girl and it was out of my reach since it is only possible for successful people in the world.

It has been 10 years since I received Yogmata's meditation. I now feel that it's best to become a person who radiates something good and brings a peaceful atmosphere by just being there even without tangible results.
By practicing meditation, I can stay in a peaceful place, "now" moment and naturally I become able to work and live better with others around me.

Somehow my intuition has become sharp. Valuable helpful information and people naturally come to me therefore I don't have to work hard even though my workload is increasing.
I feel that as such meditation practitioners increase, society will gradually but steadily change.

I have become used to sharing love (female volunteer staff in her 50's)

As I practice Yogmata's meditation, I have eventually come to realize true love within me, feeling compassion, being filled with true happiness and nurturing compassion.

At the same time, the desire to share this love not only with my family and friends but more people around me springs out of me. So I started volunteer work in our local community.

It's not to suffice my ego therefore, I don't get tired at all. I enjoy this work and the people around me are appreciating my support. It seems like we are helping each other and exchanging our love.

The experience of this volunteer work led me to a new job, and I am quite happy for sharing love through communicating with more people.

What is happening to me is a miracle considering how I was: not being able to take care of myself and sunk in a world of pain.

Incomparable change to other self-development seminars(female doctor in her 30's)

I am a doctor in a small town. I received diksha less than 2 years ago so I am still a novice.

I have attended retreats and seminars that accelerate my transformation. I feel the change that is incomparable to other self-development seminars.

I feel peace within me and people around me have become peaceful. The requests for my lectures in the local area have multi-folded. They are well appreciated and I receive many grateful and appreciative comments. At times, there is overwhelming acknowledgement more than I deserve.

After meeting Yogmata, I realized how boastful I was of my profession for seeking knowledge. Now I prepare my lectures with the attitude of devotion to local people.

These lectures often lead me to other significant projects many times.
I feel the higher social recognition is an important basis when I talk about Yogmata with people.

I often realize that the people around me are in a good mood (female hospital worker in her 40's)

I notice that the people around me are often joyful and peaceful since I started meditating.

Even when I am not directly involved with them, they are in a good mood.

When the atmosphere was unsettled, I realized that my inner state was pulled by my mind and became uncalm.

Then, I directed my consciousness to the gratitude toward Yogmata and the frequency of Mantra, then "voilas” , the usual peaceful atmosphere returned. I truly feel the strength of Yogmata.

I have come to wish to do something good for society (female housewife in her 30s)

Since I learned from Yogmata, my wishful desires have been cleared in the last three years. I have come to wish to do something good not only for me but for people and for the betterment of society.

I was talking with my husband about our wishes to contribute more to our local community and society since we have been blessed with good, then both of us were offered the opportunities to open stores in our local community respectively.

Unexpectedly, both stores opened at the same time. We feel that was the divine plan through Yogmata and the work needed for creating good stores by surrendering to the great will.

We are truly grateful for these opportunities. I wish that Himalayan wind will touch people through relationships and interactions in the stores. By practicing the teachings of Yogmata, you initiate world peace from your inner state of being.

By practicing the teachings of Yogmata, you initiate world peace from your inner state of being.

  1. 1.You will be able to become a person who can heal others around you by just "being".
  2.  2.Everything will be connected at the subconscious level.
  3.  3.Cleansing and purifying yourself and being filled with good energy contribute to world peace and the purification of our planet.
  4. 4. You will come to know what exactly the other person needs, and what you can do for the person gradually.

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