108 TEACHINGSEnglish book

Author:Yogmata Keiko Aikawa/Publisher:Station Hill Press, Inc. /Release:19/10/2020


The Path to the True Self consists of concise, direct insights and ways of practice that each contain a true message from the universe.

Particularly focused on those in pain and in need of comfort and healing, and intended to touch and open the human heart, they constitute a unique introduction to the Himalayan Wisdom Tradition.

A Himalayan Siddha master is one who through a course of ascetic trainings has reached the highest truth, and Yogmata-Ji is one of only a few such masters alive today to transmit the Himalayan Wisdom to the world. As Yogmata-Ji writes, I am here to guide you on a journey of transformation to expand your consciousness and help you reconnect to the sacred source.

This she does with compassion and wit and a continual refrain to her own experience.

The lessons are wide ranging, touching on many facets of our self-ascribed limitations, which with patience and love she explores and explodes. Exemplary is her first teaching, Release unnecessary thoughts,and she explains: When we release the minds clutter, we move beyond the constraints of time. The present moment becomes part of an unchanging eternal present Now.

The focused, incisive and caring nature of 108 Teachings makes it a perfect work of daily meditations, the practice of which place the reader on a unique path of discovery and self-realization.

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