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How long does it take to realize?


How long does it take to go to the stage of “enlightenment” through meditation and training?


Here, you can experience meditation as soon as you come, but you have accumulated various karma from the past life to life.

You’re going to purify it, but if you’re really surrendered or if everything becomes honest, you can immediately realize it.

If you are not honest, it will take a long time. Well, I think it’s straightforward (laughs) Well, after all, you all have many things.

You may have a desire to have various things and still want to eat dumplings. Yogmata doesn’t say, “You should not do this.”

On the contrary, you couldn’t eat because you had a bad stomach, but now you can eat it and it’s delicious. Then, you taste it for a while.

Until now, you haven’t really understood the goodness of people, and you’ve been saying, “Oh, people are wonderful.”

You have a lot of karma, so if you don’t taste it and discipline it, you won’t graduate. There may be such a thing.

I’ve done everything, so it may be early for people who don’t seem to have anything. Also, it’s said that people who practiced in the past are early.

In that way, there are individual differences, but if you trust it immediately, you will be reborn from that day and it will become easier and easier.

Your destiny will change. Is that okay?


Thank you very much.

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