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How is psychology different from the Himalayan teachings?


There was a time when I was mentally worried, and that led me to study psychology, and after getting a qualification, I’ve been doing it myself.

Reading at Yogmata’s books, all the things that are naturally said in psychology are overturned, or there are some parts that are a little different from the attitude of trying to do it scientifically.

I’m wondering how to learn in the future, so I’d like to get some advice.


Himalayan teaching is a way to go beyond the mind or awaken consciousness.

By any chance, if you disperse your mind, you will become a particular person and it will be painful. Even if you understand it at first glance.

After all, the mind is always up and down, like plus or minus. Sometimes it goes well.

When the mind goes well, we run out of energy, and when we’re feeling down, our energy drops, and we get depressed. That kind of thing is repeated.

So, awaken your consciousness and be in the middle road. The mind is not me. Everyone is at the mercy of their minds.

Of course, if you use your mind, do good things, and think about good things, you will have a good result, as your mind is connected like beads.

But if you learn the Himalayan teachings and guide everyone, you can use it in understanding the mind.

There are a lot of teachings to strengthen their minds, so you feel you have to be a good person, and you have to act superficially like this in a moral place.

It’s about connecting to the wisdom behind it, and I need to let everyone know more and more from now on.

There is no way in the world to be a really good person. Because there is no pure energy there.

Because the Himalayan saints have that kind of energy. It’s said to be a secret method.

Deep inside us, there is an existence that creates everything.

You connect to that and become one with it. In the process of trying to do that, you’re getting better and better.

I think that if you continue to live a new way of life like that, you will become a person who can have a positive impact on many people.


Thank you very much.

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