2/5(Mon)Yogmata's lecture commemorating her new publication『Small habits to make dreams come true』


On 5th Feb (Mon) at Kinokuniya Southern Theater in Shinjuku, Yogmata gave a special lecture commemorating her new publication  『Small habits to make dreams come true』 

It was another hectic Monday evening, but all tickets sold out with people attending from places as far as Fukushima, Gunma and Shizuoka.   


One person from the audience said

「Her talk felt like it was reaching inside of me directly for it was not too logically oriented」

It probably was a sign that Yogmata’s energy resonated with the soul directly instead of merely affecting the mind.


We sincerely appreciate that so many people attended the event. 



【audience’s comments 】

I was struck by her message that you could loose your balance if you try to help others too much.  (Shizuoka 50’s female)

Listening to her words made me reflect on myself that I am feeling tired maybe because I am struggling too much nowadays. It reminded me of the importance of calming one’s mind.   (20’s Female)

While I listened to her words, I felt being purified inside and of stresses. It was the first time I came to her lecture and I feel really happy that I did. (30’s female Kita Ward)

It was the first time for me to attend her lecture. It left something in my mind for I came feeling interested. I genuinely felt that love is the word that will change our society.  (70’s male Chigasaki city)

It felt like Yogmataji’s love and power was filling up the venue. It was a wonderful time I enjoyed so much. (40’s female Kashiwa city)

Her mood and expressions reached directly to my senses and I am convinced that it was an experience worthwhile for me today.(40’s female Yokohama city)

I used to feel vain when no one noticed my good deeds, but she made me realize that it was all in my benefit whatever the circumstances.   (female Taito Ward)

I had tears in my eyes, felt warmth in the body and then felt that I can be saved finally. (40’s female Kakegawa city)

Just the way I am・・・I was made aware of how I was living (50’s female Koriyama city)

I felt I want to make peace with a friend of mine. I am grateful that I was made aware of things I cannot put in words. (40’s female Setagaya Ward)

Her talk felt like it was reaching inside of me directly for it was not logically oriented. I really enjoyed her talk.  (30’s male Machida city)

I was touched by her warmth and felt happy. (50’s female Tomioka city)

Her message that unless you become aware of it, the same karma can entangle you again and again left a striking impression. (40’s male Funabashi city)

I was impressed that Yogmata is also checking out Yahoo! news.  (male Suginami Ward)

I am happy that I came to her lecture for the first time. Thank you for an interesting talk. (20’s male Setagaya Ward)

I felt that it all comes down to love and the power. I felt soothed in the painful part of  the body few minutes before the lecture ended. (50’s female Setagaya Ward)

She, as well as her words felt quite simple and kind hearted for someone who accomplished such an extraordinary feat. (male)

Her kind voice and talk made me warm inside. (40’s female Yokohama city)

She brought back smiles on my face after a long while. (50’s male)

Her message that awareness will come just when something has left you. I became aware that it is indeed true. (50’s female)


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