About Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

Yogmata is the first female Siddha Master


Yogmata is the first female Siddha Master (Samadhi Yogi / Himalayan Great Saint) in history. One of only two Siddha Masters who appear in public today. She is the Legitimate heir of the Himalayan secret teaching, which has 5000 years of tradition and is the source of both Buddhism and Christianity. In 1986, she encountered the legendary Himalayan Great Saint, Hari Baba. After which, in the hinterlands of the Himalayas at altitudes over 5000 meters, she underwent ascetic training that went beyond death. Eventually, she attained the final stage of Samadhi (supreme enlightenment) undergoing a long period of oneness with the Godhead and achieving ultimate truth.

Yogmata conducted public Samadhi 18 times between 1991 and 2007, in various regions of India, for world peace and to demonstrate the truth, and is respected throughout India for her achievements.

She received the title of Great Master, “Mahamandaleshwar” from “Juna Akara” the largest spiritual association in India. She has given sermons and blessings in Japan, the US and Europe to share universal love and wisdom. She also initiates the secret of mediation, at a Diksha, leading people to true happiness as well as receiving high dimensional energy. In Japan, she provides training courses and meditation retreats for true happiness and enlightenment; guiding people to develop their consciousness as well as their abilities.

“You Know the Answer” “Himalayan Saint’s Words to be the Sun” Kawade Shobo Shinsha.
“Life Beyond Expectation is Waiting Right There” Daiwa Shobo
“Love and Wisdom: Connecting to the Universe” Kodansha
“The Road to Enlightenment: Finding the Way Through Yoga Teaching and Meditation” Kodansha USA etc.

Audio CD:
NHK CD Selection “Radio Late Night Message: Searching for Supreme Yoga and Meditation”.


* Siddha MasterA Siddha Master is an Himalayan Saint who has achieved supreme Samadhi. They are also known as: Himalayan Great Saint, Samadhi Master, Samadhi Yogi, Siddha Guru, Himalayan Master.
* SamadhiSamadhi is also known as light or enlightenment. True Samadhi is the supreme state of human consciousness; transcending body, mind and everything to become oneness with the source of creation, the supreme being – God. The 5000 years old Himalayan secret teaching conveys a practical way to attain Samadhi. True Samadhi (Supreme Samadhi) is equivalent to attaining Buddahood or moksha in Buddhism.
* Juna AkharaThe largest Hindu association for spiritual and ascetic training.
* MahamandaleshwarThe supreme leader; title for the highest rank of Hindu priests.
* DikshaAn initiation. There are various forms: initiation of energy, initiation of secret teaching, etc.

What is Yogmata?

Yogmata means mother of yoga (yog=yoga, mata=mother).


  • In her Teens

    In her teens, Yogmata started having an interest in Yoga, meditation, and health management and started practicing these when 16 years old. Ahead of its time, she adopted a natural food diet.
  • In her 20s

    At 23, Yogmata started teaching yoga. She also kept continuing to research and develop methods for health management. In 1972, she launched her own business and founded the ‘Keiko Aikawa; Yoga & General Health Institute’.
    She also instructed and supervised yoga classes at major culture centers and department stores around Japan, such as: NHK Culture Center, Asahi Culture Center, Yomiuri Culture, Ikebukuro Community College, Tokyu Be, etc.
    She also visited India, Tibet and China to learn yoga and eastern medicines. In particular, every year she visited various yoga ashrams, around India, to further her yoga training.
  • In her 30s

    Along with further visits to India, Yogmata visited the United Study to study and obtain licenses in new age Psychotherapy as well as in various therapies and healing.
    She issued books about yoga and methods of health management including her original creation: Yoga Dance and Pranadi Yoga.
    In 1984, a Japanese television station invited the most prominent Himalayan Saint, Pilot Baba to Japan. At that time, Yogmata was appointed to assist as a yoga professional. Pilot Baba invited her to visit the Himalayas.
  • after that

    Here she encountered the legendary Great Saint, Hari Baba and found her mentor, after which, in the hinterlands of the Himalayas at altitudes over 5000 meters, she finally attained the highest level of Samadhi (ultimate enlightenment), undergoing a long period of oneness with the Godhead and achieved the ultimate truth.
    Since 1991 she has conducted public Samadhi for world peace and the demonstration of truth and her achievements are highly respected all over India.
    In 1992, she started the ‘World Peace Campaign’ with Pilot Baba, visiting the US and Europe, every year, to give lectures, seminars and the secret initiation called Diksha.
    In August 2000, Yogmata received a courtesy call, via the Indian Embassy, from 20 Indian congress representatives, including the congress chairman and an ex-prime minister.
    In January 2001, she conducted her 14th public Samadhi during Maha Kumbh Mela, the mega religious festival hosted by the Indian government, at the holy site in Allahabad.
    It was broadcast around the world by media and wire companies such as Reuters. In Japan, it was covered by the “Japan Times,” “Asahi Evening News,” Fuji Television’s “News Speak”, TV Asahi’s “Radi-Asa”, etc.
    Her 14th public Samadhi was also featured in the international documentary film “Short Cut to Nirvana” which won the Audience Award at the Sedona International Film Festival as well as the Best Documentary Award at the Tiburon International Film Festival.
  • She received the title of Mahamandaleshwar.

    Yogmata resumed writing and issued many books to share love and wisdom from Samadhi. (30 books have been published so far.)
    In January 2007, she conducted her 18th public Samadhi at Allahabad. Recognising her great achievement, she received the title of Mahamandaleshwar, (which corresponds to the highest priest in Buddhism), from Juna Akhara, the largest spiritual training association in India, becoming the first woman and non-Indian to achieve this status. As a spiritual master, she can represent India.
    In March 2010, she marched in the saint’s parade at Kumbh Mela at the holy site in Haridwar as Mahamandaleshwar and gave blessing to the crowd. In February 2013, she gave blessing to a large crowd at Kumbh Mela in Allahabad.
    In May 2016, Yogmata marched in the saint’s parade at Kumbh Mela at the holy site in Ujjain as Mahamandaleshwar and gave blessing to the crowd.
    She continues to write books to share universal love and wisdom from Samadhi, and undertakes visits around the world to give lectures and blessings. In particular, through Diksha, she initiates people with high dimensional energy, from Samadhi, and in the secret teaching of meditation. In Japan, she also provides training courses and meditation retreats to guide people to develop their consciousness and abilities.

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