About the membership

If you are interested in becoming a member, please join our ‘Lifelong Study’ Couse, held in our Tokyo ashram, in Meguro or a one day workshop in your local area for better understanding of membership. If you find difficulty in attending, you can watch our Online Guidance. For those who do not have internet access, we will send information materials and explain about the membership by phone.

  • 生涯学習講座
  • 無料オンラインガイダンス申込み
  • 電話ガイダンス
  • Before practice

    Upon start of practice, you will attend an Introductory Course at the Tokyo ashram or your local area along with becoming a member.
    The Introductory Course includes Diksha – initiation ceremony of meditation alchemy, Yogmata’s darshan, training course for meditation, 5 months home study course to deepen learning of wisdom.

    After the Introductory Course, by practicing meditation at home and also attending various courses at the Tokyo ashram, or in your local area, you can rapidly proceed your transformation.

Member’s Privileges

  • 1)Access to Yogmata’s members only darshan
  • 2)Access to training courses and retreats depending on your level
  • 3)Taking programs of various Himalayan Secrete Teachings.
  • 4)24 hours protection from a Himalayan Great Saint.
  • 5)Internet access to darshan and training.
  • 6)Regular members’ magazine, regular mail magazine, a members’ website with messages from Yogmata, program and events schedule and other information.
  • * 1)~5) fee required, 6) free of charge

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Guidance to membership on the internet
You will watch the videos which explain about Himalayan teachings and how you can learn the Himalayan teachings.
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Contact information

If you are not able to participate in the guidance nor watch on the internet, we will send you documents.