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September  2012


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Message from Yogmata


Originally, one can only encounter the Himalayan wisdom, only if you go to the Himalayas. Since the Indian people know that it is teaching to realize enlightenment and the truth, they have a respect for this wisdom, and to meet with these kind of masters, they journey to the mass gathering called Kumbh Mela.

Since the Indian people harbor such spiritual culture, they have a respect for such higher enlightened energy and have the capacity to channel themselves into such environment.

Though Japan has become a country that is materialistically rich, it is faced with the question of how to truly develop itself from now on. All of you have the opportunity to encounter the blessings of the Himalayas, to practice the ascetic training of really cultivating your inner self.

This has become possible because of myself being Japanese and receiving the opportunity to encounter with such blessings. Thus, I am able to communicate these teachings in Japanese and have arranged it to suit the Japanese people's character while they live their daily lives without any potential risk involved.

And furthermore, with rapid speed, without renouncing to the world nor losing anything at all, people will be able to polish their mind and body.

For example, there are about two thousand poses of Yoga. If you try to practice all of them in a very slow manner, ten years will quickly pass.

I, Yogmata will connect you at once to the highest place, to God, and from there, while all of you receive the blessing from God, you will be purified and transformed, and gradually be reborn into a person of wisdom.

Upcoming events


Blessing of Himalayan Siddha Masters
Darshan and Workshops in October 2012

Los Angeles
Date: Saturday-Sunday, October 6-7, 2012
Hilton Los Angeles Airport

New York
Date: Saturday-Sunday, October 13-14, 2012
Hilton New York

∗Early registration discount is available until 1 week before the program

Pilot Baba and Yogmata are also planning to visit Toronto on October 10-11.
If you are interested, please send a mail to




What is the truth about seeing past lives?


If there are those who speak of the past lives of others, there are also those who want to see their own past lives. Truly seeing one's own past lives means purification of the mind and release of attachment. Therefore one cannot see the past lives of others.

Also, unless one truly loses the self and goes into a trance state, one cannot see the past lives of others, but there are only a few who can do this. Also, only one of the many past lives can be seen. Most people who see past lives are speaking from their imagination. Despite this, people listen to those words, understand the present, and healing does occur.

There are many such types of mind power. The mind has a record of the past, the power of images, and the power of visualization. Most channelers speak of past lives through images of the mind, but they also bring many things from the past to the future using the mind of hypnosis and the psychic mind.

However, the strong words of mind power also control people, good and bad, and play with those people. This strengthens the mind that wants to open up such things. Such words have a sort of temporary effect, so in some cases it does result in healing. However, to speak honestly, this behavior adds to accumulation of karma for both parties and leads farther and farther away from truth, and does not result in awareness, transformation, and release from within oneself.

If you want to create a good future, there is one thing that you should do. This is to do good things with awareness. Purify the mind, empty the mind, and return to the source so that karma doesn't play with you.

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World Peace Campaign

Mahayogi Pilot Baba and Yogmata Keiko Aikawa are known in spiritual circles worldwide. Their mission is to broaden the circle of peace and love that passes on understanding to those wishing to enjoy the benefits of true harmony, tranquility and balance in their life, as they journey toward the supreme realization of self and attain the Godhead. Both masters teach methods that allow one to let go of wrongs, anxieties, self-debt and fears that hinder the mind from becoming still and clear.



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