12/5(Thu) Yogmata's latest book "The Power of Believing" (Kosaido) now in bookstores!

Believe in and accept [Something Invisible] – that is how miracles are born.

Yogmata’s new book coming out this winter focuses on [the power of believing].

Today we are living in such a confusing time where no one knows what to believe. In this book Yogmata shares the wisdom of Himalayan secret teaching and explain the true meaning of “Act of Believing”.

Through the belief in oneself as well as in the great unseen being, it is possible to attract good fortune one after another and become beautiful in mind and body.

<Contents Introduction>

Everyone is seeking happiness in life’s journey.

We all try hard to become happy,

but lose ourselves in trivial thoughts and emotions

with our minds deeply caught up in the attachments and clouds of conflict.

If only we could clear the clouds, 

What awaits us is our [True Self], radiant like the sun.

It has the potential of realizing life filled with peace, love and happiness.

You have to look within for happiness, not somewhere outside and far.

The key that opens the door to happiness is your [power of believing it].

The speed at which your dreams and wishes come true depends on how much you can trust and believe in this truth.


Table of contents

  1. ◆preface:Speed at which your dream comes true is proportionate to how much you believe 
  2. ◆Chapter1 Law of believing mind and increase of happiness 
  3. ◆Chapter2 Why it is important to accept and believe?
  4. ◆Chapter3 Surrendering to God brings out your highest potential
  5. ◆Chapter 4 How to trust and receive what is important to you
  6. ◆Afterword:Please begin your journey of meeting God within
■Publishing Information
The Power of Believing Attracts Good Fortune (A Way of Life that Attracts Happiness as Taught by Himalayan Great Master)
Yogmata Keiko Aikawa
Kosaido Publishing
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