【Event Report】11/5 New Book「Holy Awakening」Publication Commemoration Lecture

On November 5th, There was a special lecture by Yogmata commemorating her new book「Holy Awakening」at Kinokuniya Southern Theater in Shinjuku.

The venue was filled with a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere with various people such as female friends in groups, business men dropping by on their way home and people from abroad attending.

The audience turned their keen attention to the stage once Yogmata Keiko Aikawa appeared.

She then started talking energetically in simple and powerful words about truth. 

What is more, she gave yet another big present to the audience at the end of the lecture.

She has given her special blessings to each and everyone in the audience directly.

Each one stepped forward before Yogmata and received much blessing and went home with smiles on their face.

●Impressions shared from audience

Each and every word she spoke brought new awareness to me. Instead of expecting things from others passively, I now feel aspired to expect things from myself.                              (30’s, male, employed)

It was fortunate that I was able to listen to Yogmata’s beautiful singing.                            (40’s, female, temp staff)

Her words “If each one of us becomes better, the whole Japan will also be better.” resonated in me. (50’s, male) 

After receiving her blessing I felt warmer and comfortable in my body.        (60’s, male, employed)

I am glad that I came today. I am feeling relaxed now.                 (60’s, female, nurse)

She made me aspire to live light-heartedly and joyfully without getting caught up in worries and anxieties. (40’s, female, employed)

She gave me energy to face things positively. I have always felt there is something greater we are connected to which is difficult to explain. She made me convinced that it is true. (30’s, male, employed)


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