8/28(Wed)Introduction to our entry programs in Nagoya

On August 28th, We held entry initiation and other types of programs in Nagoya. Here are some impressions shared by people who attended. 

【Voice from an attendee to our entry program】

I have tried many different classes until now, but was not putting what was learned into practice. I am grateful for receiving such kind of opportunity this time. What I learned in the past helped me to understand Yogmataji’s teaching. Today I learned the importance of having a trusting mind. (Aichi, Nukata-gun, 70’s, male)

【Voices from those who attended kriya program】

I felt calmed down when I heard the high beautiful note of inner sound. All the inner voices of mine saying “I wish this and that” got swept away and it left me feeling very clear now! (Ichinomiya, 40’s female, employed)

I entered deep meditation as if I got sucked into something. I now realize that I was healed in somewhere deep. (Seto city, 40’s, female, housewife)

Of late I was feeling hectic in my mind and my ego would not go quiet, but meditation today made my mind peaceful. I felt the warmth of master’s energy and had a pleasant meditation experience. (Seto city, 40’s, male, company director)

I felt great as I experienced being wrapped in white light. I now feel clear and lighter in the body. (Nagoya city, 60’s, female, housewife)

【Voices from those who attended kripa meditation program】

From the onset I felt warm in the body. It really felt as if I was receiving Diksha from Yogmataji. (Osaka city, 40’s, female, education)

I realized during kripa meditation that「maybe the quiet space inside of me is more expansive」
(Seto city, 40’s, female, housewife)

I was healed and all the noise in the mind got calmed down.
(Seto city, 40’s, male, company director)



At Science of Enlightenment we organize various classes of different meditation methods.

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