8/25(Sun)Introduction to our meditation program in Fukuoka

8/25(Sun)An introduction to our “leading to meditation” program. 


On 8/25 (Sun) in Fukuoka, we held members exclusive “1 DAY special intensive program” where attendees practiced one of Himalayan secret meditation technique “Kripa secret  meditation”.

Here are some impressions shared by those who attended.

 Kripa ecret meditation

My body felt warm and that made me feel warm in the mind. I entered meditation and it ended with inner love consciousness’s message of love echoing inside. (Saga, 40’s, female, medical industry)


I am grateful for this Kripa meditation program. It was wonderful. Light became brighter even when my eyes were closed. I felt lighter in my heart. (Fukuoka, 50’s, female, temp)


I was able to spend another wonderful time after a long time. In the meditation I felt as if I was shooting into somewhere expansive and far. I am truly grateful for the great love that was given to me.(Fukuoka, 40’s, female, domestic helper)





<A message from Yogmata Keiko Aikawa>


With the presence of Himalayan great saint・siddha master, you can truly meditate, transform and become awakened.



Master’s energy will purify you from inside and it will then bring about a deep meditation and propel your transformation.


You can start by receiving a Secret Meditation Initiation.

Your journey of evolution begins there. 


Your life will start to be filled with unfathomable richness.

You will always know what to do at each instant. 

You can undertake everything smoothly.

You are so fortunate that you can receive such wisdom and power from it. 


You can not really change who you are by trying it yourself alone.

You need to connect to the wisdom, love and life force of a Himalayan saint.

Here at Science of Enlightenment there are always programs that will help you live such life and transform from inside.


Let’s start the journey of receiving greater life that enrich your life.






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