8/4(Sat)IYASHI(Healing) Fair, 8/16(Thu)Online magazine Mag Mag「Public Interview」featuring Yogmata!


In August 2018, Yogmata will be making appearances in 

8/4(Sat)13:30~14:30 Iyashi Fair 2018 in TOKYO

8/16(木)19:00~21:00 A public Interview hosted by Mag Mag 




There are 2 pleasant news today for the readers.


The first one is,


8/4(Sat)Iyashi Fair 2018 in TOKYO

「The Himarayan Saint’s Darshan – With blessings from a living Master, you can be bestowed with the most powerful mantras.


In a few days time Yogmata’s Darshan will be held in the venue of the lecture room No. 1 in Iyashi Fair.


Darshan means to be in the presence of divine being.

When you are in the presence of the higher dimensional energy a Samadhi yogi radiates,

You will experience deep healing and purification, then filled with love.



It is our sincere hope that Yogmata’s love will fill the entire venue.

and everyone who comes to meet her in this occasion.





Iyashi Fair 2018 in TOKYO

【Yogmata Keiko Aikawa’s lecture】


~Darshan with the Himalayan great saint~

With blessings from a living Master, you can be bestowed with the most powerful mantras


Time:8/4(Sat) 13:30~14:30

Fee:Iyashi Fair entrance ¥1000 (no additon to attend the lecture)

Venue:Iyashi Fair No 1 lecture room

   Tokyo Bigsight East Hall 2・3


※If you do not have a ticket,

please go to the entrance reception of Iyashi Fair directly on the day of the event.



Iyashi Fair Office



For details↘︎



  •   ◆   ◆   ◆   ◆



And the second news is・・・


8/16 Yogmata will be appearing in a public interview hosted by Mag Mag the online magazine


In the evening of 8/16(Thu), Yogmata will be appearing in a public interview event hosted by Mag Mag the online magazine.


◆The first part of the event will feature Mr. Katsuaki Takahashi, who single-handedly carried out interviews with 1000 famous people in the United States.

He also publishes a Japanese community paper, now grown to boast the largest circulation in the category in the North America.

It will be a talk show featuring Mr. Katsuaki Takahashi.


◆In the second part, Yogmataji will be making an appearance herself in an open “The Earnest” interview.

And this will be an interview done by none other than Mr. Takahashi himself who have single-handedly interviewed many big and famous to date, 

Now carrying out a public interview with the Himalayan great saint Yogmataji!!


What is the ultimate enlightenment? Meditation done right way and wrong way,

And her activities towards world peace, etc. Will be hearing from her for good 1 hour in earnest.


「Gachi!」is the popular interview section in the Japanese community paper「NY Biz!」named No 1 in popularity for 5 year in a row.



◆Guests:Katsuaki Takahashi, Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

◆Date: 2018 8/16(Thu)

◆Time:Open@18:30 show starts @19:00 ending@21:00

◆place:Tokyo / Hibiya Convention Center

1-4 Hibiya Park Chiyoda-ward

◆Entrance Fee:¥2,000

◆Hosted by:Mag Mag 


To join the event


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