Yogmata's radio program named No.1 in rating among all programs in the same time slot!

Broadcast on every Sunday morning, now becoming quite popular “Keiko Aikawa’s Message for Happiness” on TBS Radio,

was named No.1 in rating among all programs in the same time slot.

It’s been a year and 3 months from its inception and  the program is gaining recognition steadily.

TBS Radio top rating programs for the same time slots


In the program of July the 1st, the theme of “Money” was discussed.

Yogmata talked about how we can make wise use of money,

by using it to help others, better our society or invest in your personal growth.



If you missed the broadcast, you can still listen to it on Radio Cloud.





■Title:Keiko Aikawa’s Message for Happiness
■Broadcast time:Every Sunday Morning AM5:50~6:00

※This program is 「radiko」also available on internet 

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