4/8(Sun) Report from Shiddha Diksha program held in Okayama Darshan tour









4/8(日)、In Okayama
Yogmata gave 「Shiddha Diksha」
Here are some of the impressions shared by those attended


<Voices from Shiddha Diksha Entry attendees>


Feels clear in the head and generally light
「Felt that I would like to become a person who gives」
(Shimane 20’s male employee)


I was feeling heavy in the head, but now it feels clear
I would like to be a person who gives
I am instructing 140 people at work
as if I am leading a team as big as a corporation
It would make a substantial impact if I can change
And bring warmth to the company
(Shimane 60’s female employed)


<Voices from Shiddha Diksha 1 attendees>


When Yogmataji approached to me,
I felt a spotlight-like brightness
when I was given the initiation, all colors in sight disappeared leaving everything in white
My head became empty and it felt good.
(Shimane 40’s male corporate director)


I was having trouble shedding tears of late,
but I was all tears today and felt so overwhelmed at heart
many visions came like a revolving lantern
不it was strange sensation but I enjoyed it
(Shimane 60’s female part-time)


I had goose bumps at the moment of seeing her
I felt it in the body and was able to take it all in.
and then found myself calm
(Shimane 40’s female employed)


Don’t know why but I was in tears all along
And feel very refreshed now.
I would like to continue the practice.
(Shimane 30’s female self employed)


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