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 Small habits to have your dreams come true

 Publisher:Daiwa Shobo 






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Small habits to have your dreams come true  

Its a small habit you can adopt, not to be afraid of changes.                                        With your own energy used wisely, your daily actions become better. 

Good deeds. Good speeches. Good thoughts.                                                        Good energies attract good things.

The blessing of the Himalayas, “Hotline with the Source”  will support your life eternally.  

It will help you just like the air does.                                                                        It is a magical power that enables you to attract happiness in the shortest time. 

Behind each small positive habit awaits happier and brighter life. 

This book is a gift from the Source delivered to you by Yogmata —

There is infinite potential inside you with which you can have your dreams come true.


≪Table of Contents≫ 

Part1 : What truly the destiny  is 
We incarnate again and again to exchange energies                                                  The fastest way to change your predestined lifetime senario                            Shedding lights on the past can have your life story altered 

Part2 Small habits that make your wishes come true
Habit of using the energy wisely 
The energy hidden inside you has infinite potential                                              Staying in the center of your mind will open the path of energy                                    Habit that enables you to have your wishes come true in the shortest time 

Part3 No need to be intimidated by failures and changes
Dissolving memories of past failures
Choose to give by transcending failures and merits                                                   A small change in you can propel you forward                                                      Shift from sense pleasures  to soul pleasures 

Part4 Spirituality in daily experiences                                                         Believing the unseen
Signs from the universe and the power spots                                                        Everything happens for a reason
Meet your soul to find your true self


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