Yogmata talks about the important things to remember when sending a gift on TBS Radio

Yogmata’s TBS Radio program on every Sunday morning,                                       Keiko Aikawa’s 「Message for Happiness 」

On December 10th, Yogmata’s talk touched the subject of


「The important things to remember when sending someone a gift」


Its already halfway into December.

At the end of a year, many of you may be thinking about sending gifts of gratitude to the people close to you.

She teaches us about how we should keep our mind in our daily communication with others and also how can an act of sending a gift would benefit positively both the senders and the recipients.

If you are considering sending one for this holiday season, may we suggest that you take a listen to this episode before doing it for a change?


■TItle:Keiko Aikawa Message for Happiness
■Broadcast time:Every Sunday AM5:50~6:00
■Broadcaster:TBS Radio(AM954+FM90.5)

※Also available on the internet @「radiko

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