About Us

You can attain true happiness and success at the fastest pace.

People are beings, with body, mind and spirit, sent from infinite existence. The best purpose of life is, through ascetic training, in returning to the infinite existence and finding out the truth and enlightening.
Key to attaining enlightenment is found in the 5000 years of tradition of the Himalayan Secret Teaching.

It is the science of transformation to awaken people’s divine nature, life science, and also the science of mysteries.
Yogmata Keiko Aikawa, the Himalayan saint, trained in the Himalayas and achieved Samadhi, the supreme state of becoming one with the infinite being and enlightened.

Yogmata who understands everything; the key to true happiness and enlightenment, shares wisdom, life and the power of Samadhi through blessings, teaches truth and initiates various secret teachings. Learning and practicing them with deep trust, you can attain true happiness and success at the fastest pace, and you will be led, in due course, to enlightenment.

Science of Enlightenment is an organization which supports establishing an individual’s peace and love through Yogmata’s blessing and teaching, and in turn to spread out peace and love to the world.

Our consultant is Pilot Baba, Himalayan Great Saint.

  • 2010 World Peace
  • 2010 World Peace